brighter lights for truck


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i have a quick question. there are all theses new light bulbs for my truck now. there are cool blues and others that are more expensive. are they an attempt to match the intensity of the HID stuff. i know that the HID stuff is expensive ...like350 to 500 bucks. will changing the bulb do it??

8) you can get brighter lights with our early cars using relays to handle the main current. you use the headlight switch to trip the relay.
For some honest, knowledge-based commentary on lighting practices, you might check out Daniel Stern at
This guy is a physics professor or something like that, and of course, a real car guy. He puts some genuine info out there on his site. He also sells Cibie headlights which: with good bulbs, good aim, separate relays AT the lights, large enough wiring, and proper battery & alternator output, should provide plenty of light and still cost hundreds less than a true HID system. I love my CIBIES, and have loved all the CIBIES I've installed on many different vehicles since 1977. Professor Stern seems to know his stuff. Hope it's useful to you.