burning oil question



I recently had a complete rebuild on my 200 with aussie head. I currently have about 2000 miles on it since rebuild. The engine runs great, except it never getsw above 130 degrees on the temp guage(which I checked with a manual probe in the head). My probelm is that it seems to be burning a fair amount of oil, and it seams to be mainly with acceleration. At idle and startup I do not notice any oil burning, but when my friends are behind me, they all make a lot comments about how much it is burning. My oil pressure at idle, with it as warm as it gets, never goes below 65 or so on the oil guage(which is way higher than what the old engine could muster). I am worried about the rings, but was wondering if running cold could be part of my problem, or do I need to take it back to my machinist and have hime rebuild it again(he would do it for free if I asked)? Should I just keep driving it and hope the rings will seal. It seems that it has improved slightly since new.
Well, the temperature may be part of the issue.

I would suggest the current problem is the piston-bore clearances. As Dennis and David have mentioned, getting a torque plate hone on one of these blocks is hard to find. It may well be that a tighter gapping of the rings will help the sealing process. Finish of the bores may have also been too smooth; glazing occurring before the rings seated.

Looking at a new Aussie made head gasket (Monotorque), they have only one bleed hole at the front of the head, and it's small at that. With a good water pump, is it possible that too much is bypassing the thermostat?

Just some thoughts.

Regards, Adam.