Carb Question??



I am building a new 200 six. I have an OZ 250 head coming, pacemaker header, 260 cam. All this is going in my 1971 Bronco, it has 33" tall tires, 4:10 gears, and a manual 3 speed trans. What size and type of carb should I put on this new engine???
The bronco is a weekend vehicle with some occasional off-road driving.
What would be the best performance carb??

Thanks for the help.
Sounds like a great start.

Personally I would use a setup that keeps the velocity up. This would give you good response for "Grunt'n and "Stup Jump'n".

Try a progressive or the Offy where you’re idling off of a single venturi.

Have fun, Ric.
Howdy Broncho Fun:

I'd have to go with the Holley 350 too. Simply because it has so many tuning and refinement options that you could adapt from its big brother 4 barrel; like jets, jet extensions to prevent fuel starvation at extreme angles. It will be much more reliable and fixable than any of your other options. Any parts store will likely have a wall of Holley parts. It will have your engine "over carburated" at an idle and at off idle transitions, but you can tune to compensate. But what a top end you'd have!

Normally, I'd be reccomending an Autolite two barrel in a 1.14 size. These carbs were standard on early 289 sbf. But, they are no longer available new, only as rebuits. Parts are scarce, too. This carb would flow 300 cfm when compared to the Holley 350, but the idle circuitry would be more to the liking of a 200 ci engine, and still more then enough on the top end. The Annular discharge booster would also help low end driveability. An Autolite 2100 in a 1.14 size would be my 2nd choice.

Please let us know which way you go and how it works out.

Adios, David