Carter YF Adjustment ?



I'm having a good deal of trouble with my Carter YF (not YF-A) 1bbl, right now the only way to make the engine run and not idle too low or too high is to run it super lean, which is a pain in the a$$ on cold startups. Sometimes the engine will also spit and stall when I try to rev it. When I first start it if I don't keep the rpm's up it will stall. I tried adjusting the choke to the mid-way point (neither lean nor rich) and backing out the fast idle screw a tad because the engine would race really high unless I did. The problem there is once the engine warms up it idles too low and dies so it's like pick your poison, I just can't win. I should point out the spigot on the Exhaust Manifold where the choke heat riser hose connects is busted could that be causin all these problems??, if not how do I get this Carb adjusted properly i'm still somewhat new to the world of Carburetors and any help would be appreciated.