Clifford header alternatives


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I have heard a number of complaints on this forum and other sources regarding Clifford headers for the 200 six[ fit, quality, cost etc. Does anyone have experience with other manufacturers? Those of you who have installed Clifford's - what has been your experience?
I'm importing and selling the Pacemaker headers from Australia. I had good luck with Clifford, but some didn't. I won't try to sway you either way. Take a look at my website, then make up your own mind.
Please go to if you have a header that needs repair, want to build your own header, need header parts or just good advice! I've worked with him, and I'm impressed with his level of knowledge and good service. I also recommend his $21 "Header InfoPak"
to anyone who wants to learn a lot about header design. It's well worth it, IMO!

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I have used Clifford headers in the past and am using them now. I have always had good luck with them and would recomend using them on Ford sixes.
Clifford is the only header I have used for my IL6's and I have had luck with both their single and dual outlet. Like any other header or manifold for that matter the bolts are a bit of work to get to underneath but the sound and performance increase is well worth the effort.