dished pistons??


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does anybody know who makes dished pistons for the 200? running a turbo i would actually want low compression and forged.

from the other post about pistons, using 305 pistons and taking the block .060 over i agree would be a little dangerous?!?

would i have to get them from down under?

maybe we can list all the manufacturers in the tech section(silvolite, esslinger, etc.)

There has been alot of talk on using Chevy 305 pistons. I think they have those available in a low compression dished version.

If you find another source please post because others will be interested too.
Hmmm. You already have dished pistons. ALL 49 state 200's have either 6 to 7cc piston dishes; or if you use the low compression California piston, it is a 13cc dished piston.

Hope this helps.
Howdy Yellowstang:

You specified dished and forged. To get that combination in an overbore for a rebuild 200/250 you will likely need to go to a custom piston shop and plan to pay some big bucks. Have you done the math to determine your ideal CR, in chosing the dish?

IIRC, Ak Miller used stock type cast, dished pistons in his turbo conversions in the late '60s.

Ross Forged Pistons is a regular advertizer in "The Twelve Port News". They are at 625 S. Douglas, El Segundo, CA 90245. (310) 536-0100.

Adios, David
Performance Automotive Warehouse (818-678-3000) has them listed in their catalog in both cast and forged, stock compression ratios.