Double Sump Oilpans?


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Did any of the later 200's come with a double sump oilpan? i really need one because i'm going to drop one into a ranger and i'm not so sure the single sump oilpan would work.

Did any mustangs, fairmonts or granada's (did these even get small sixes?) come with a double sump?

Any help is appreciated.
I've just been to the wrecking yard Sunday and saw a '78 and '81 Fairmont and both I6's had the dual sump pan. I just learned something new. Unfortunately, I do not know if it will fit a Ranger. I'm not sure if the "big bell housing" '82-'83 200 I6 had the same oil pan configuration.

Anyway, you know any Fox chassis which had the 200 I6 used the same style 200 except for the '82-'83 which had the "big bell housing". So good donor cars would be '78-'81 Fairmont/Zephyr, '81 Granada, '80-'81 T-bird/Cougar, and the '79-'81 Mustangs. The '81s may have to be inspected closely to make sure it isn't the later style.

Hope that helps.

Dean T
Well then thats gravy, i've got a 81 Mont with a 200 and its probably got a double sump oilpan.

I don't think it'll just bolt right in, but i do need another project, since i'm not going to try with the mustang anymore. Its just too far gone and beyond my capabilities to repair.

I'm glad someone has spotted one "in the wild" for me so i know at least that part is out of the way.

Thanks again.