DSII Ignition Upgrade Tommorow



Hey All,

I'm going to head over to Kragen tommorow morning and pick up the parts necessary to do the DS II upgrade. As AzCoupe recommended to me, i'll be picking up the Duraspark II and MSD-6A and MSD coil.

Unfortunatley the people at my local Kragen don't know anything about classic cars, and especially about I6's. Couple questions before I head on in tommorow:

1) What yr and car shoud I tell them I need the dizzy from? On the site they mention that have single and dual vacuum. Which one should I get?

2) Which cap adapter, rotor, cap and ignition module should I ask for?

3) Any recommendations for a good 12v source on a 67 Mustang?

4) How much is this gonna cost me? :p :p :p

Tell the counter person you need the complete dizzy set up for a 1978 Fairmont. Get the single vac advance unit. It will work much better with the popular performance carbs. Check the weight advance limit B4 you buy it. Get one with a 10* and a 12* (gives you some options going forward).

Take a look at the TECH section in this sight for a good overview on installing a DS2.

With the MSD this set up will run you about $300. A tiddy install will take the better part of a day.

All the best - Steve