Duraspark II different versions??



Hi everyone.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and he mentioned that he thinks there are two different versions of the Duraspark II distributor. The one comes with the module apart and the other with the module as part of the body of the distributor.

Also, he told me that from his past experimentation with the two types the one with the module as part of the body of the distibutor has a better and longer spark (all other parts of the ignition system being the same).

What do you think? Is that true?

Thanks, for your opinions in advance.
Howdy HP125:

The 1st DuraSpark distributors were introduced around '72. I haven't seen too many of these, but here's what I know. The original DuraSpark looked more like the point distributor it replaced, with the small base and cap. The system incorperated three seperate pieces; distributor, module and coil. I'm not aware of any that had the module mounted inside the distributor. They had both single and dual vacuum cannisters. Their eletronic ignition function was the same as the DSII. the DSII was introduced in '75 with several improvements, most notable is the large base adaptor and cap. Either is an improvement over a point distributor. Both have a stronger spark, I don't know anything about longer. That would probably have to come from an MSDa unit.

Is it possible that your friend is referring to the GM HEI ignition units. They are similar, in function, to DS but had the module inside the distributor. Some even had the coil sitting on top of the cap.

I hope that helps.

Adios, David
Hi guys.

Well I went to my friend's shop (he is a mechanic) to find out more about the distributor.

It is a 86 Motorcraft distributor. While I was there he was working on a 95 F-150 with a 300 6 cylinder motor which had exactly the same distributor.

Is that the newer version of the Duraspark II or is it all together a different one?

Can we use it on our 200 engines?

Any advantages / disadvantages over the other ones?

That was fast Ted.

Well he modified thet TFI distributor and he was using it in his 60 Valiant with a 6 cylinder engine. I don't think he had a computer connected but he said that he was getting an excellent performance from it.

What do you think Ted?


He had it cut and shortened so as to fit.

Problem... now I cannot use it in my car.



What do you mean by saying I could't use it in my car is the same as the 200 distributor?

My frient said that while he had this distibutor on his slant 6 he was getting top performance out of it with only a little problem of over heating. After that, the next highest performance he got out of the Valiant was when he went with a 351 V-8 :cry:

Sorry Ted.

My mistake, I was supposed to type 318 V-8

Too much coffee :roll: