duraspark question/msd/mallory coil?



http://members1.arnhem.chello.nl/h.omvl ... x.msd.html

question : before instal i want to test these parts , is there any way to test these part without build into the car ?
got the complete dura spark ll setup to , and want to use these parts with the setup , but before getting into some trouble, want to now for sure these parts are working , got some tips for how to test these parts ?

btw : why is there a resistor on the coil ?
8) the combination of parts you have selected will together just fine. the reasons ignition manufacturers try to get you to buy their parts are a: so they make more money, and b: so that there is less possibility of failure with a high output ignition and a stock coil. the mallory promaster coil is a good one. i have used a few of them over the years and i like them a lot. the reason for the ballast resistor is because the coil was designed for 8.5-10 volts for constant use, and 12 volts for very short periods, like starting. by all means use the resistor if the coil manufacturer requires its use, even if you have a resistor wire.
did test the coil in the car , car was running , so the coil is good [ sofar i noticed ] i,m now with the msd module testing ,gone look for a sheet for how to setup the msd with the orginal ingnition , so if it works with the orginal setup ,then gone try the distributor from the dura spark and the magnetic pickup to the msd , got 2 duraspark modules and a msd box , so i think 1 of the 3 will work when testing the stuf . first to get some nice wiring [ got the orginal dura wiring ] and cable connectors from the store , wonne have a good look and good connection !