Hi all
this has probably been ask before but i havent got a straight answer yet.Is there a direct fit swap to install a duraspark dist. in a 63/170? I know you can put them in the 200's but i have a 170. Has any one done it? whaga use. Thanks
The easy way to approach this is to use an Aussie "XE" distributor. You also need to fit a later model oil pump.

With a spare used module, the distributor runs to about USD$100 posted. This is used condition with no leads (can re-use yours), but including the required coil. It is a high output combo, and almost simpler than the Duraspark to fit. Only technical requirement is the drilling and tapping of a new hole for the hold-down clamp. That's all there is to it. The "module" is integral to the unit.

The later oil pump is needed to accommodate the different size hex shaft. It is simply the unit used after about '65.

Cheers, Adam.
so i need to install a later 200 oil pump and shaft to use the duraspark dist?Is the oil pump a direct bolt in?? Will my pickup tube fit the 200 pump??
The Australian made distributor I'm talking about is not the same as the US Duraspark. The US one has a shaft that's way too fat.

The American-spec unit will not fit without some appreciable machining. That's why the Aussie distributor/coil is a better bet for your situation. Drill and tap one hole only, and it's external. Just that you'll need to source one off "Ausheads" or another board member - they're not available over the counter in America.

The later oil pumps are a bolt-in. You need to drop the oil pan to get at it, but otherwise it's simple. Your pick-up should be fine, but don't quote me!

i work in a machine shop so maybe i could machine the duraspark to match my points dist. :idea:
Yep! You can do that. You'll still need the later oil pump, but you have to turn down the DII shaft to the same OD as the old one, from immediately below the gear. You could probably sell more than a couple.