Dyno Results

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Due to numerous request, we'll try this once more. However, this time I have locked the topic. It's a shame to keep the info private, just because a few members can't see things for what they are intended to be.

The sole reason for testing MikeR mustang on a dyno, was to see just how much power we could get from the new aluminum head, and to see how the Auolite carbs effected the power. This was not done as an end all comparison between Autolite and Holley carbs, or any other. If so, we would have tested various carbs, and various sizes, from all manufacturers.

We were all surprised to see it make more than 200 ponnies at the rear wheels, as no one expected it. In fact it went well over that. While we tossed out the highest numbers, and used those from the second best pull for our posted results, we will publish them in the Sept/Oct issue of Legendary Ford.

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