eec4 dizzy ?'s

Sorry, can't help exactly, but I'll tell you where you can look. Try Jack Collins website on the Crossflow Chronicles conversion to his 1966 'Stang. He had the exact measurements, I think. From memory, it was the same diameter as the US 200 I6

Note 1 "I will ream the block out to use a Duraspark distributor tomorrow. The block is machined for a .485" distributor shaft. The Duraspark shaft is .515"

Note 2 "I reamed the distributor shaft opening to .515" in order to use the Duraspark. When I placed it on the mockup, the distributor turned out to be too tall. The cap hits the intake runner. I will have to use the Duraspark internals in a points type body. "

Apparently, this is a common problem as the cage of the EFI intake runner mounts are very close to the dizzy. There's little space in this area on any crossflow 250 engine, (iron 1976-1980, alloy head I 1980-1982, Alloy head II 1992-85, or any EFI..'83 to '88).

Second thing is, there were two types of EFI distributor. The early 1983 to 1985 XE variant had a non EEC4 module, it was just a conventional Bosch number with old fashioned concetions, not with plug connections. They are cheep and plentifull. They second type, much better, is the 1985-1988 XF EEC4 type which had spark plug connections on the dizzy cap.

Use what Jack uses. I think the US cap and Duraspark II ignition looks pretty hot, but my guess is you'll have to mix in match the earlier components from a non electronic 200 I6
for a US 250. am looking into boreing the hole in the block and putting a bearing in so I can run a eec4 setup. so a cap clearance issue is not important.