emissions and carbs



i wanted to clean up my engine compartment while my engine was out is there any emmissions i can take out without my car running like crap? On my exhaust manifold can take off them lines going to it? and i got the holley/weber progressive carb adapter are there any carbs out there that will fit this adapter with higher cfm ratings like 350 or higher?
Hi again, scrapin' ;

If you don't have to pass emissions tests, remove the EGR pipe that enters the intake manifold via the EGR valve (just below the carb). Be sure to plug the hole in the exhaust manifold with a brass pipe plug. Make a stainless steel plate to cover the hole where the EGR valve was and make a gasket, too, to seal it good.

Since you're changing from the 1940 or 1946 Holley that most of these Fairmont wagons came with, you will avoid the rich low-midrange problem that is built into the carb's jetting. This richness was offset by the EGR entering the manifold as you accelerated. Simply killing the EGR valve leaves these running rich between 1100 and 1500 RPM.

If you ever get into nitrous, use that EGR hole to inject it. It's in the perfect spot! ;)

The underhood sticker will give you a clue about your distributor, too. If the static timing from Ford was 10 degrees advanced, then you have the strong springs inside the distributor. Find the springs from a 1978 wagon or Futura distrib where the underhood sticker shows 6 to 8 degrees advance. Put those in your distributor instead. It will make the spark advance sooner in the curve - you'll like the pickup!