Engine Heads??



I am doing a total body off restoration of my 1967 Ford Falcon 2dr sedan.

Right know i am in prosess of rebuilding my 200 Cubic Inch Inline Six. I am putting a bunch of hi performance parts and realized i should replace the head. On the website fordsixparts.com they have a head for sale however i am not sure what the difference is between a U.S. 200ci 6 or a Aussie 200ci 6. Does anyone know if this head will work for my car. If not what head do you all recommend for my car, also what cam should i pick i seen the tech artical under this website but got a little confused. I want my car to sound like a V8 and run like one. Is there any modifications i need to make on my block because i dont realy want to do that much.. With this head or any other head should i install a port divider. Also it said Valve cover modification for the head under fordsixparts.com. does anyone know what type of modification is needed.
Does anyone know what the best Crank and pistons are.
I am building my car mostly as a inline mussle car but keeping the body and all stock.

Thanks a Bunch

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As to the 200 six, you're stuck with the factory crank. Pistons - many opinions, but I'd suggest hypereutectic units, not forged ones.

No six will sound exactly like a V8. It just isn't possible. If that is a "must", then the choice is obvious.

To install the "Aussie Head" you need make no major modifications to your block. Zero deck height might be the only one, plus the most thorough cleaning possible. Try not to overbore beyond 40 thou.

A port divider will help in resisting exhaust gasket blowouts. The other requirement of the Aussie Head is that you fit headers to it - a cast manifold does not fit without some modifying, and will not run nearly as well. for the best exhaust seal, the mating face on the head, for the headers, should be lightly milled smooth and clean. Locking bolts of some type are advised for this attachment, too.

A high quality timing set is advised, and the type of carb is up to you (factory style Stromberg, or Holley). As to cams, everybody has their own ideas. All performance cams for the Ford six require uprated springs and retainers. Some require minor head modifications for different seals on the valve stems, and double springs.

I've never heard of a need to modify the valve cover with these heads.

A whole bunch of other people will likely chip in with their two bob's worth, so this should get you started!

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8) for a cam look for one that builds low end and mid range torque, something in the 1000-4500 rpm range for a street motor. that goes whether you continue to build your small six or swap a big six in. personally i would build a 300 for your falcon as it is a fairly heavy car. i like them, i owned one once, and would like to own another one day.