Exhaust Manifold Gasket??



Hi Guys,
I recently pulled the head from my 66 Mustang 200, and when I unbolted the exhaust manifold from the head, there was no gasket between the two. I have cleaned and painted everything, and I am ready to install my remanufactured head....but what should I put between the exhaust manifold and the head? Was there a gasket that went there originally? Was there a liquid sealant or anything that I should use? Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

There were no exhaust gaskets from the factory as the two surfaces were machined smooth! But after the manifold is removed a new exhaust gasket should be used! Any parts house can set you up with one, and any year ford 200/250 will fit!
If you were a stickler for originality, you could linish the head manifold surface (head off car and at machine shop) and exhaust manifold flange (ditto), then reassemble with graphite grease. Ford Oz didn't start advocating gaskets on reinstall until 1972 or so.

Graphite grease adds a new dimension to messy, just behind POR-15.
Thanks Guys,
I think I will go with a gasket. I like to stay with original as much as possible, but everything is painted and looking new and I don't want to make to much of a mess wit the graphite grease. I am off to the auto parts store. I appreciate your help!