exhaust options for Aussie 250 head



How much of a gain or benefit, if any, can be noticed by using headers with this head (w/stock cam) over the stock exhaust manifold? I know the stock manifold is somewhat restricting, but I really don't want to go with headers - not yet at least.

Will the U.S. exhaust manifold work w/ this head?
The US head will work if you do this to it! It needs to be welded up!

The exhaust ports are smaller and require this mod to a stock manifold! or put headers on your new toy! BTW this manifold is for sale!
so, basically, I would be fabricating a port divider in the exh. manifold.

Does the Aussie head have the port divider already built in or does it have to be installed?

Even with using the stock exh. manifold, the head would still be an improvement, right?

Has to be installed.

I was looking at the headers that AzCoupe has and I dont think I can use them. The front tube comes down and over and I dont have alot of room down due to the way the K member and motor mount is set.

The Clifford header looks like it will clear but I am loathe to order theirs.

My I6 car is a '80 Fox body Stang.
Could you use the Pacemaker headers with a stock Mustang V8 dual exhaust system?

By doing this, how much difference would one notice in the sound? Would this header change the sound that much?

I don't want turbo mufflers, glass packs, or anything like that. I don't like the sound of them.

I have the same basic question as I am also installing an Aussie2v and Pacemaker headers???

I want to use the stock dual exhaust for sound reasons as well as appearance. I am trying to make these headers quiet yet effective. One of my reasons for going dual as opposed to single is to add more exhaust to quiet the engine....

This is after all my daily driver and I just pulled up my very steep driveway coming home from work, and it's 4:30 AM here in the east.
I have way too many neighbors to have that hill cause the whole street to bash my car up.

So any suggestions on making the most out of headers yet keeping them quiet? We always see ways to make them sound like throaty 8's I want a quiet yet deadly rumble.
Im paddleing through several barrels of booze trying to access my long term memory here. Didnt the early V8 Fox Mustangs have a single hump crossmember. I think a single exhaust ran through 1 cat then split into duels taht exited out the rear. Im pretty sure you can still order that system from Pacesetter or Flowmaster. Get a 3-chamber muff and it should look like a factory GT setup and be nice and quite.
fomoco6 ,
am doing the pacemaker 6x2 header and the v8 GT stock dual factory exhaust. there are bracketing issues to be dealt with. not impossible though. the brake lines for the rear need to be changed out for ones for the dual exhaust cars. everything is available through the major repro dealers for the conversion. i'm going with the GT mufflers and trumpets. just have to connect the header to inlet of mufflers.