Ford Part Number Decoder

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Does anyone know if there is a "part number" on a block or head or is it just a casting number only??

I have all the part numbers and what vehicle they came off of, but if there is no part number on the head or block it's kinda pointless putting them up on my page since you cant buy them new anymore from Ford... :unsure:


Umm, yes. Actually, "casting numbers" (as we commonly call them) are comprised of three components: the prefix, basic part number, and the suffix. For example, C6DE-6010-A.

C6DE is the prefix
6010 is the basic part number
A is the suffix

The prefix tells us the decade, year in the decade, the car line the part was originally designed for, and the engineering group. In this case, C - 1960, 6 - sixth year of decade, D - Falcon, and E - produced by the engine group.

The second part of the number is the basic part number. In the example above - 6010. Ford assigned basic part numbers to all standard components. For example, all finished blocks, regardless of displacement and engine line, carried the basic part number of 6010. All finished cylinder heads are coded 6049, all finished cranks are 6303, etc.

The last component, the suffix, tells us the engineering change level for a given part. In the example above, the "A" denotes the part was produced as originally designed. A "B", "D", "F", etc. would tell us the part had been produced after the first, third, and fifth changes respectively.

Note: "A" would have been a zero change level and "B" would have been change level one, "C" change level two, and so on through all the letters of the alphabet except "I".

Nothing like muddying the waters right? ;)
Nothing like muddying the waters right?

Aww come on....Ford would never try to make this hard to do.... :roll: ;) :LOL: :LOL:

I started to add some of the part number group codes. Now, Another question!!

Did Ford have the little date code clocks on all the engines? (or just V8s)??Like on what day, week or shift the block/head was made?? Got a decoder for that too if it applies to our beloved 6's ;)