found some headers



Found some headers a while back at the local u-pull-it hanging on the shop wall. The guy said he did'nt know what they came off of but they are for a small six. I don't know what brand they are, they don't look like the clifford's that I've seen in pictures. They come in two parts with a slip-joint on the #4 tube. I was going to try and use them but now I've decided to go with some sort of crossflow head so I don't need them. These headers are in pretty good shape, with just a little rust around the welds. Does'nt look like they were ever installed.
Here's some pics.

Hooker? anyone know what kind they are?
Note my garage... all I need now are some walls and a roof
wow, can we say high mount starter clearance? or am i mistaken
I don't know who made those. I do know that Hooker made them in two piece but they don't look like the one's I've seen. Kinda strange that the number six tube is bent so high, would be a problem if used with an OZ head and intake. Regardless, its a nice find. ;)
Well I'd like to sell them.... but not knowing what they fit....could it be a bronco?
Hey do those headers fit a 200 or what :unsure:

I was wondering how much you want for them and hoping they would work on my 1979 mustang. :idea:

RogueS, I think you might be right about the starter..why else would the #6 tube be up so high? About the sneaker. I'll let you have it for free! and theres another one for the left foot that comes with it!
I measured the header from the bottom of the flange to the bottom of tubes, its 21". Looking at my '65 Mustang, that would put it in the middle of the drag link and the crossmember.
dragula, they do fit a 200/250 but I can't tell you they will fit a Fox body until I get to the junk yard and do some measuring, unless someone can identify them here on the forum. I would'nt want to sell something that I'm not sure will work. When I do know what they fit I will list them in the marketplace here on the forum.
nope, i dont want the one on the other foot, only that one :p
Hey before you go measuring for me about how much do you want for those headers? :unsure:

Just don't want you goin and measuring for nothing.