Fuel Injection- DIY style!



Help me with this. If I was to use a GM TBI (batch fire) with the appropiate sensors for the MAS, air temp, water temp, and exhaust. Wire it up to the GM computer using the distributor as the trigger. Modify the gas tank for a high pressure pump and a return line. Then I've got a workable system?
I'm NOT interested in buying ANY aftermarket controller. I want a COMPLETE system using junkyard parts.
Is this possible?
I keep wishing I could go get a 4.3L V6 TBI and use a surge tank http://www.sdsefi.com/techsurge.htm when I get around to putting the 250 (4.1L) into my '67. That way I dont have to mess with the tank, just run new fuel lines. The downside would be that I would need a fuelpump to pump the gas from the tank to the surge tank, I am planning on using the original mechanical pump for that. I thought I heard once that if you can keep the engine size within 15% (larger or smaller) of the original you shouldnt have any problem putting the induction system from one engine onto another.

The SDSEFI page has a number of other informative articles on the subject. http://www.sdsefi.com/tech.html

And for a stock 3.3 (under 170hp), based on what I read here the stock 2.5L 4cyl TBI (single injector) should be a good match.

If anybody has charts that show the pin locations with descriptions for stock ECMs (GM in particular) I sure would like to see them. I found some once but didnt save the page or address :unsure:

I used the stock tank with no mods on my 66 and have not had any problems. you may not need a sump or a surge tank.

I used a large canister Ford EFI filter directly off the tank, feeding the Ford/Bosch fuel pump. This has more than enough capacity to keep the pump from going dry during cornering (unless I was scooting around a skid pad, maybe). And my fuel rail is esigned so that any air that may make it to the rail is fed to the return line directly, so it's unlikely that the injectors go dry.
MustangSix":12dyq64m said:
I used the stock tank with no mods on my 66 and have not had any problems.

No return line back to the tank? So you build pressure and it just sits there?
Are you saying that your return line is running back to the filter, and NOT the tank? You have the filter mounted just forward of the tank?
No, I have a separate return line. I ran it from the regulator on the fule rail to the filler neck where the excess fuel dumps back into the tank.

The filter is connected to the original pickup and is mounted at the front of the tank at the pickup/sending unit. From there is goes to the pump. I am using the original fuel line to feed the fuel rail.
so would a duraspark work for doing this without a msd/holley/accel ignition box? or should I just throw the ignition box in since it will help anyway? I am finding this tempting to do as I thought all GM cars were mass air or TBI.

ON one of those pages is the hookup for the GM 7-pin module. That would be required in order to utilize the GM spark control. An MSD or other box would not be necessary.
If you used a batch fire setup, how far can the injectors be from the intake valve to be effective? Couls you mount them on the side of the log pointing down the runner to the valve? Or is that too far away?

In a sense, a TBI is a batch fire system, so the injector is pretty far away.

If you placed the injectors in the log somewhere in the vicinity of the port, it would probably work just fine.