I just got a 3 set of gauges: oil pressure(mech), water(mech), and volt. Now exactly what do I do about the mechanical gauges? I dont want to do something that I will regret and drill too much of a hole in the firewall and where is the best place to even do that sort of thing. I have a black color set of sunpro gauges that look ok, I was looking forward to autometer ones, but these do ok for a look to my car(black inter all over).

And about the oil pressure what do I do about that, how do I install that one, does anyone remember doing that to their car and still I dont want to do something to my car that I will regret.
When I did mine in my '65 1/2 ton, I used brass fittings, a straight peice and a "T" if I remember correctly. I unscrewed the OE oil pressure sending unit and matched the brass fittings to the same size/thread. I then used a longer straight peice about 1" (I think its been a while) to extend out to the "T" I then screwed the OE sending unit into the end of the T and the new oil pressure line to the gauge into the top.

Maybe somebody else can cover the temp and volt meter, I did mine on a bent 8 and there were extra holes in the intake for the water/temp sending unit and I cant remember where the volt meter was attached.

But I know all the wires/hoses were routed through an existing hole in the firewall, maybe you can get lucky and find one. I know my '68 Coupe has some extra space on some of the existing holes/grommets even the ones that already have stuff in them.

where is the oil pressure sending unit??? And where is the water temp unit?? I already did the voltmeter and it works fine, but my other gauges are mechanical ones. I am confused.
The oil pressure sender is on the left side of the block down low behind where the coil is mounted..... It is octagonal and has a single wire connected to the tip
I had to adapt my temp. sender to the head. I just went to Lowe's and tried all the fitting until i found something that would work. let me kno if you want a pic
i just installed a tach on my 66 coupe. i put the wires through a hole that was rite neer the hood hinge on the driver side it was kinda weird but there was a little peice of tube through the hole and i took that out and put the wires trough absolutly no cutting of the fire wall. althoe i cant figure out what cable to attach the light for the gage to plug into. i know it has to be spliced with the wire that controls the light for the instrument cluster but does anyone know what wire that is???

I added some holes in the A/C rubber "grommet" in the firewall, and it put everything just to the left of the steering wheel.
For that water temp sender: if you have a light now (HOT), it will be connected to a sender in the water jacket. You can replace that one with your new sender (if the threads match) and ignore the now-dead light.
As for where the water jacket port is: some were on the thermostat housing, some in the block next to the water pump passenger side of the engine) and some in the side of the block, toward the front. If all you have in your car is warning lights (no gauges for temp or oil), then you can test which sender is which by grounding the wire on it to the block while the ignition is on. It will light up the associated light.

Good luck!
Does anyone know the actual thread size & type for the water temp at the back of the head? I have one fitting that's too big (came with my Auto Meter gauges) and one that's too small (also came with gauges, but for the oil pressure sender - it was the wrong thread type).

Thank you!
Those are a US pipe thread (N.P.T.), I would need to see it to know for sure on the size but it most likely be a 1/4 inch N.P.T. or else a 3/8 inch. Sometimes they are also called (M.P.T.) for male pipe threads as it would be in your case for the fitting or F.P.T. for female threads as would be for the head. Good Luck :nod:
:unsure: Why go to the expense of brass?I have just used either black iron or galvanized pipe to do the install.Just use a nipple to come out from the block.Then attach a T fitting to that,and then put the electric sending unit in the other end from the nipple and the hook up for the mechaical oil sender to the last outlet on the T fitting and run the line to the dash gauge.
Took me about 30 all told to do the install.Not as limber as I once was :rolflmao: :rolflmao:.
Getting old sucks.
Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
guy knows...
Duh :banghead:

Once I removed the old fitting, the new one that came with the kit worked fine. (y) From what I could find online (had to dig since the site was down temporarily yesterday) it's 3/8 NPTF. Thanks for the help guys!

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