harmonic balancer bolt removal help



:x can any one give me some ideas to get the bolt loose on my 170 six 64falcon :x
I used an air powered impact wrench. Failing that, a long breaker bar, but you need to stop the engine from turning. You can do that by threading a length of rope into a cylinder and rotating it to TDC to lock the motor.
VWs have a tool to lock the teeth on the flywheel. I am sure there are other alternatives.
If you are really in a bind, get a good long 1/2" drive breaker bar attached to a 13/16" socket. Turn the engine so the bar is just hitting the ground in front of the driver's side wheel. Pull the coil wire and bump the starter. She'll come right off...
i had my engine out when i undone mine and i just had somone put screw driver through the flywheel and put pressure on it then just used a socket wrench to undo it but if the motors still in the car try the rope trick
Rat...you stole my idea...that's how I did it when my engine was out.

Also...get a really long torque wrench or 1/2" drive wrench.

Another way, if the engine is in the car...put the car in gear, set the parking brake. Get a really long socket with a cheater bar. THen hit the bar really hard and try to brake it lose.