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I am rebuilding my 200ci ('69 mustang) and am looking for advise on my selection of headers. I would like to hear opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of the Clifford versus Hooker header. My engine is getting a complete rebuild and I'll be upgrading my carb to a holley/weber 2bbl.
Any input will be greatly appreciated.
gracias, Bob :roll:
Check out fordsixparts.com for an even better header choice, Pacemaker. There is a great comparaon to the Clifford header on the site.

I have the Hooker Headers, there full length headers for more low end torque. There much beter than the Crapfords. Russell
I don't see headers on the Vintage Automotive website anylonger. Anyone know other sources for SINGLE OUT. I was waiting for the huge mounds of white stuff to melt before I ordered a pair and I'm afraid I waited too long.
TIA - PB[/b]
The Pacemaker headers are full length dual outs, but I have several Y pipes ordered from the manufacturer that will convert them to a single out. This way, if you ever decide to change to a dual out, its no problem, just remove the Y pipe.
I got my headers from Cliff. I know a lot of people don't really like Cliffy on this board but I tried them and I got good service. I ordered a valve cover, 38/38 dges carb, adaptor and ceramic coated headers from them. They said shipping would take a week, which it did. They didn't even have the carb in stock but they still got it in and shipped in a week. Only thing that I didn't like from them was the air cleaner I recieved. The top plate to the air cleaner was dented in when I recieved it. I gave them a call up and they told me they'd send me another one right out. Should be here in a couple days.

Good Luck!
I have the Cliffy header on mine right now, but I am going to upgrade to one of Mikes headers this Spring! :D :D :D


I know this isn't exactly in line with this topic, but will an exh. manifold off a 250 fit a 200? Mine is cracked real bad, and I saw one on a Maverick at the junk yard. Can't afford a header just yet.
Yes, A 200 manifold will interchange with a 250 manifold ;)

Just be aware that they might have a slightly different diameter, where the exhaust pipe bolts on to the manifold.