header coatings...



I am ready to begin reassembly of my 200, but I have a question about header coatings. The new 6 into 2 Hooker headers that I will use have a rather unsatisfying black coating on them. I have read inthe catalogues that this stuff is "non-heat resistant". SO, given that I am already over budget, how long can I expect before I see big black flaky stuff coming off my pipes? Can I spray a hi-temp paint directly on or do I have to remove the "black" first? Ceramic coating is out of the question for me at this stage as my money tree hasn't yet taken root and bloomed.
Any advise/wisdom would be most appreciated.
Clean that stuff off. Make sure the metal is clean and apply one of the high temp coating you can get from Eastwood or Por15. Just make sure you prep as best as possible and use a good high temp paint.

Good luck, Ric.
Yes, do take the black stuff off, I didn't and I painted with 1200* hi-temp stainless steel paint and during the cam break-in, the paint flaked off all over the place.