header woes and goods.



i just installed a hooker super comp. duel out header. i got the complete system off ebay for $100 bucks i went to the guys house and picked it up and he welded some holes he saw in the header(really small and only one) all the rest were small and in the pipes. but anyway i put it on(what a bitch that was. :oops: ) but i am having a weird kind of a zzzzzzz sound im not sure how to describe it. but i am having problems reaching the front bottom bolt on the header have you guys had this problem? the bolt is pritty tight but its really hard to get at. any suggetstions??
Using allen headed bolts and a ball ended allen wrench helps tremendously.
I have the Hooker header on my 67 Falcon it was a easy swap. Just drop the Alternator down to get the bottom bolt in. Russell