Hi everyone,
I searched for the answer to this question but I could not find it.

I am changing the headlight switch on my 67 mustang. It is my understanding that a 69 switch would be better for my 67 than the original(hopefully it will stop my headlights from flashing). For some reason the auto supply stores in my area have no 69 switches.

Is there another switch that would be a good replacement for the 67 switch?
I have a 66 stang with the same flickering headlights problem. I've replaced the dimmer switch (with a 66 switch though) and the lights switch and they still start cutting out after about 15 minutes of being on.

Sorry, not a solution but I've got the same prob.
If you've replaced the switch and you are still having the trouble you should start tracing wires, sounds like a short..... Also check the fuse block.
If you upgraded to halagon type headlights the problem may be the switch. The old switches are not compatible with the newer higher wattage lamps. you will either need to upgrade the switch or rewire the headlights using interposing relays. This was explained in another post on the fourm I will try to find it. Hope that helps

There is an explanation of how to change to the relay setup in the tech section of fordsix.com. Just click on the symbol at the top of the page. Then click on the tech articles.
My '61 Falcon has been running Halogens for the last 15 years, with the original headlight switch & they've never flickered or shut off on their own. 8) I'd look into a poor ground or shorted wiring, myself. If I could locate 24 volt halogens, I'd install them in my '67 Kaiser-Jeep army truck.
Anyone know of a source?