help me with my performance parts questions


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help me im a newbie

I want to rebuild and tune the peformance of my 200cid falcon motor. What do I want to get for the rebuild and what parts do i want for performance? i want to get some of this stuff used or new off e-bay, but i need to know what i need. I want a fast street car i can take to the drag strip. I am planning on using nitrous oxide, so i want to get a holley carb that will work with a wet nitrous system. So what i want to know, is what cfm carb do i need, what kind of cam am i going to want, what types of pistons, headers, intake etc. I know that some of the things i want , i won't be able to find on ebay, so where else can i find the stuff at a reasonable price, i was looking on the parts site that is linked from here, mustang geezer or something, the prices seemed kind of anyway, if you can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

8) first things first. decide what rpm range your motor will spend 80-90% of its time in, as that has the greatest impact on the parts you need to choose. since you are going to use nitrous, you need forged pistons. mostly for insurance. a 260 comp cam would be a good choice for what seems to be your intended purpose. a 250 head or an oz head is a good point to start for the upper parts. the oz head would be best, with the us 250 second. a 3x1bbl carb setup sold by offenhauser will give you all the airflow you need with the us head. the oz head can use a 350 or 500 cfm holley 2bbl carb. i recomend a dual outlet header with twin 2" pipes and a pair of good turbo style mufflers. for pistons, forged flattops. mill the head and block in combination to get about 10-10.5:1 compression. you will have to run 93 octane fuel. for the nitrous system, dont use more than 75hp shot. these little six poppers are tough to kill, but too much nitrous can kill them in a matter of seconds. balance the rotating assembly but since this is not an all out race motor you dont need to blueprint the motor. get the falcon handbook from sundog, that will give you alot of info, there is a link on this site.