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A few years ago I learned about Holden being a member of the GENERAL MOTORS GANG and have wanted a Holden powerplant since then...How many cubes is the Holden L6? Are they abundant and what kind of cylinder head does it have? I read a post where a hometown mentioned a Holden 1985 L6 fuel injected block. Are they a BOP/Chevytown pattern as far as trans go?

I'm gonna go do a search. Just wondering cuz you folks down dare are motormadness and that's the way I like it! :checks:


For the VK Model year (1983-1984?), Holden developed a 12 port cylinder head. They used the Bosch L-Jetronic EFI system. For the EFI setup, they used 202 cubic inches. I believe 202 was standard for the carb, although there are smaller discplacement sixes out there. These motors are very abundant, since it was a popular option. the 12 port heads were also used for the carb applications. Its not a very popular performance head, since they're prone to cracking, and vacuum leaks form easily at maniold to head surfaces. 1985?? that would've been VL country, and thats a Nissan RB30 block (I could be wrong, i'm not up on my Holden years..).

As for transmissions go, the sixes were fitted with the Trimatic gearbox (Traumatic). With Holden's 253/304/308 V8s, they used all sorts of GM gearboxes under the sun, T400, T700......
You can get various adapters and bellhousings to run SBC pattern trannies. There are a lot of carbed manifolds to choose from, too.

The engine ran Bosch electronic sparks (distributor type), as Magnus said, 202 cubes, helical gear drive, external oil pump... Very much the dinosaur engine otherwise. You would pay UP TO AUD$125 for a core head, manifold, T/B. Maybe $250 for the whole rebuildable engine. In your dineros, that's $70 and $135.

The trick on the street is to get an earlier "186" block (or a "173", which can be bored to 186 bore), adapt the later head (drill 5 holes for coolant), use a Ford 221 L6 crank reground for a 235 stroker, and hang a TO-4 off it. Nine to ten seconds, pal.

Although these are popular, transplants are coming into vogue. We get Jap imports very cheap compared to the US.

What else do you want to know? Wildlife questions? Heard about drop bears? :LOL:

Cheers, Adam.
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Cubes; 162, 173, 179, 186, 202 (probably forgot some)

Abundant; YEP! and cheap.

Head; Originally 9 port, later 12 port. Cast iron from the factory but aftermarket would be my choice - also available today in alloy and prepared for turbo or gas to bolt straight on. Check out http://www.yellaterra.com.au

I just stumbled across some pics of one guys conversion here (EFI 202);
http://www.mrtaylor.id.au/samengine.html and,

Has good photo's of the block/head/manifold.

Thanks a ton Raptor, now that's what I was lookin fer. Very cool pictures and it looks like that there little mighty mouse juuuuust might end up in a little 'ol 63 Chevy deuce :eek:

HOMETOWN, would you know if the Holden intake can match up to a Chevy head's intake ports? Would be nice to have long plenums for some torque action! Then going to multi port would not be such a problem too....

Ctown :unsure:
The holden six has a bore spacing of 4.045 inches, not approx 4.4 as the Chevy six does. Injection would need to be significantly :eek: butchered to suit. He He He.

The really good thing with the Holden Six is that it is very strong, very free reving with the after market head and has cams galore. Power glide transmissions were used up until 1970 as an option, while the Trimatic was a local variant of the GM Strasborg 3-speed auto used in American market Opel GT's. Aside from the super strong rebuild packages avaliable for the Powerglide and Traumatic, gearboxes were weak links. This engine excelled in 1000 mile road races and they are VERY PLENTIFULL. US bits that fit are Chev valves, some pistons like Ford 200/250/255's, the Ford 221 Argentina forged steel cranks can be modified to fit a 186 block the steel crank snout from a 149/179Hi-Performance or 186S at tremdous expense..also involves an offset ground crank pin, and produces, in this situation, the worst rod to stroke ratio of any prodction engine. VW Rabbit Diesel rods can be used to fix this.

Best, cost effective option is getting a 3.3 VK Black motor with EFI, add an aftermarket Yella Terra head, Crow cam and use the standard extractors...there is well over 235 horses hiding in that combo. EFI computer will have to be modified. These things have better rods, smooth counter weighed cast iron crank, and after market heads fix pattern making stuff up that deep sixed lots of VK Commodre Calais that ran them. There is a CRS adaptor for a THM 700 R4 trans. The motor is only 207 kg...456 pounds all up...over 100 pounds lighter than a Chev Small Block.

My best advice though, is sell your Chev and Buy a Ford! :shock:
If you heard me Chevy I'd have to make sure to hand you a napkin prior cuz yer gonna need it to wipe the drool from yer face! :shock:
As long as it has six bends in the crank, you may be right!

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