Holley 2 Bbl-NOT Holley Weber Question


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Someday I know I'll get this thing done. Anyway, I was just given a Holley 2 Bbl adapter. It must be for a Autolite or regular Holley carb as my Pinto carb will fit inside the bolt pattern.

Three questions:

I have a Isky 262 cam, .040 off the block and head, .030 over bore, big valves and a header.

1.) Is the larger Holley a good choice over the H/W Pinto carb?

2.) What is the CFM of this carb? I was told the H/W is about 275 CFM. The calculations I've done say I should have 305 CFM.

3.) The adapter hits the Valve cover. Is there something that should go under it to raise it up?

Use the Holley 280 or 350 CFM. I have the holley on my 200, had to use the stock valve cover. The chrome one had did not clear the adapter. The adapter is bloted to a modified EGR plate. Russell
I do have a Chrome cover, but not the EGR or hot water base plates. Thanks for the info. I'll check that out.
How do I tell which car came with the different 2 bbl carbs? For some reason I thought these carbs were closer to 500CFM
I got mine from a vinder at a swap meet. He buys and rebuilds carbs. He said the carb I got is for industrial typ engine and fiows 250 CFM. Look at the bottom of the carb at the throttle plats, that will give some idea of it is. Mine are about the size of a quarter or so. I think a 350 CFM would be the best for street, but I got a good deal $50. and it been rebuilt. Russell
Thanks. How would you rate it over a Holley/Weber 5200. I have one of those and I like the idea of it being progressive, but that big holley like you have seems easier.
do you have the name and number of the guy who had this carb?