I'm stumped...more Offy problems


I can not figure out how to connect my throttle linkage to my Offy throttle set up. Here is what I have. Am I missing something? The cruddy brown rod is my current throttle set up.






Any ideas? The only thing I can think of is to drill another hole in my center carb throttle (the actual carb throttle, not the offy linkage) and just us it to move the other carbs. Only problem is that it looks like it may bind up some. I may have to bend the linkage rod some.

looks like you need the early pull back style six throttle linkage. instead of pushing up on the bracket it pulls it back as needed for the offy setup.

I have the pedal rod from a, what I believe is a 63 fairlane 500? Not sure, there wasn't alot left of the car. I do know that it was a 170 and it had the linkage with the type of action mentioned above. It is dirty, would look good if it was cleaned up and painted. I don't have a pedal for it though. I got it because I thought I could use it to hook up my kickdown, but as fate would have it, my tranny turned out to be a '76 C4... In a 65 Mustang??? anyway I had to go with the cable throttle and the later style kickdown rod.

Got anything you'd like to trade?


Is the pedal any different from the stock on in the 65? Just curious. As far as trade, what are you looking for?

Yes the pedal is definitely different. Like I said I don't have the pedal and there is no mounting provision for your Mustang pedal, it looks like the earlier pedal was strapped to the accel rod... I'm not really sure. I guess you could graft the two together to make it work. It might also be useful to note that this accel rod mounts on the top of the transmission (or it might be the very back lip on the engine block, not sure) bellhousing just behind the engine block and not on the firewall as in the Mustang. My Mustang did have the mounting bosses, and you may want to check that your's has them as well. IIRC one of the bosses were being used to secure the transmission vacuum modulator line.

I am looking for a chrome hood lip moulding for a 65-66 Mustang, other than that I'd be happy with $10... I also have the rod that runs from the pedal rod to the carb actuation cam.


The V8 pedal rod comes straight up at the firewall and stops. So, a linkage needs to be made between the carb and the rod. When the pedal is pushed, it pulls the rod back towards the firewall. Would something like that take care of your problem?

I know I have one floating around the garage as well as a spare 6cyl one just like the one you currently have. We could easily modify/weld something up to fit the bill I think.


I ran into the same problem. I ended up using some 3/4 flat bar and made a bracket to attach to the center carb. linkage. Then I went from the bracket to the throttle arm. I have a few pictures just no way to post.

I'm with Al on the V8-based modded linkage. A bellcrank arangement (on the firewall) is often a good way of solving directional problems. Be sure to get the movement proportions (ie, not slow, then fast) in the ballpark, and have adequate adjustability. Those little knuckle type ends are forgiving of serious misalignment, too. Or just knock up an intermediate cable setup.

If you make a bellcrank setup, use the consumable nylon push-in bushings that surround the shaft and clip into the hole. Metal to metal is a recipe for wear.

Regards, Adam.
the push-pull setup on my 62 uses a pedal that bolts to teh floor for a pivot and has a little "spoon" on teh pedal shaft. it is held tot he firewall by to rubber nubs and on the passenger side it comes out at 30* from vertical. there is a little pivot collar with a threaded hole for the push rod to pass through for adjustment. so basicly take your stock arm and twist it in the middle so it points upward at the firewall bend and trim down. flatten a spot and drill a hole and use a rod end. (spare rod would be nice to mod instead)

I would get a pic for you but my camera is out of state with my parents on vacation


Thanks for the pictures. I'll post them for people to see. I think it is the easiest solution. I was thinking about the bar last night but couldn't visualize how it would work because the way I was thinking about it was just like making it like a throttle linkage but I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the pivot point. Your set up looks good and I may try that first.

Can you get me measurements (rough will be fine) about the lengths of the 3 sides.


i have the offy triple on my granada and what i did was buy a new lokar throttle cable only thing i have to do is make up a new bracket. and make sure that the throttle levers on the carbs dont hit anything so i can get full throttle :D

does anyone know if a fairmont bumper will fit on a granada of the same year 1980 i have a fairmont bumper looks like it'll fit but haven't put it on yet because the garage im keeping my car at is a tight fit just wondering

should i go with a flex fan or an electrical? i have done just about everything i could to my 250

I also took a close look at what you did with the return springs. That was good thinking. I had something similar, but yours is much better and I'm going to borrow that idea. I'll post the pictures when I get home so people can see what I'm talking about. Only question, I can't see what you hooked the front carb return spring to. What did you rig it up to?

ok this is what you want to do,

connect the center carb to the pedal with the linkage for get about the other 2, get the center one working good. then hook up #1 with a rod to the center one just above the main throtle connected to it i would use a clamp like connector to hold the trotle from carb one to the center carb. tighten it and adjust it enough so that when the center carb opens the #1 carb opens to the same position. for carb #3 connect a rod going from the end of carb #1's connection to the throtle body of carb #3 and adjust so that they all open to the same position. so that the trottle to car #2 is pulled open by the pedal and that carb #1 is pulled open but carb #3 is pushed open when carb #2 is pulled. this may sound a little confusing so i will try to draw a picture.

how do you Insert a photo HMMM i drew one and everything[/img]