inline 6 distributor?? are they all interchangeable???



are all inline six distributors interchangeable after late 1964?? I've heard that after that they ALL have 5/16" oil pump shafts so are they interchangeable between the small style straight-6 (144-170-200-250) and the big ones (240-300)?? I think I got the engine families right heh?

I'm mainly interested as I've got two different vehicles with points engines...a 66 mustang with a 200 and a 71 with a 300 in it...

it's really grimey in the engine bays so I can't really get a good look at the distributors and I'm sure as hell not gonna pull them out until I know what distributors I can replace them with but I only wanna make one trip to the pick-a-part yards....

please help me I'm at a loss on this one guys heh...and YES!! I've searched but nobody touches on this point exactly??

No, they are unique to the engine lines. Once the "small six" unit had its shaft upsized, it has been interchangeable with every small six since. But the 240/300 has its own units.
ok, so what cars do I want to look for that would have the duraspark distributor I would want for the 67 and which one's would I want to look for that would have the one for the 71??

I'm assuming most trucks/vans would have the 240-300 engines as they're big arse ol' things...

I have no idea what came in what cars though for the smaller 170-200-250, etc ones though??

The 200 could be found in Mustangs, Fairmonts, Granadas, etc. until the early 80's. Not sure when they stopped using those engines here, but it was pre-TFI. As far as a DSII for a 300-6 or 240-6, those can be found in any late 70's to early 80's F or E series truck. In 83-84 they started putting TFI on these things, great sadness followed.

8) 83 was the last year for the small six. you can pull a dura spark dist from any small six from 75-83.
:unsure:: I'm confused now. I thought all 200-250's could use the same distributor. I have a '68 block and I have a '82 Mustang Dura spark. Will the Distributor fit my block? I also have a '63 170 Dist. Will that fit in my 200?
Hey hotrodbob,

200 - 250 distributors are interchangable from '64 on. The early engines have a smaller distributor drive bore. So, the '82 Duraspark will fit the '68 block. Some users have reported needing to file a "high spot" off the Duraspark to get it to drop smoothly into the drive bore, but other than that there have been no issues and many I6 owners are using the Duraspark system.

The '63 170 distributor cannot be used in the '68 200 block. Again, the early engine has a smaller distributor drive bore.

Regarding the Duraspark. The Duraspark was introduced in '74. The early units had a smaller cap and look very much like the stock distributor. The later Duraspark II is a much stronger unit. While I can't tell you what year the DSII was introduced I can tell you that 1978 and later is the version recommended by those who are familiar with these units.

Enjoy the trip - Steve
Thanks Steve,
I'm still plugging along here with the swap. Engine is done and on the stand. T-5 is hooked up to the bellhousing. Scored a trans mount, header and 2 bll carb and now a 3x1 set up.

Goth the D2 and box at the local pick a part for $15 and had a friend rebuild and recurve it for better performance.

I'm draggin my feet a bit on the whole project, but it will get done soon.

Thanks for the info.
Duraspark distributor require special coil ?

Is there a control box of some sort ?

Got one from a 1975 Maverick, just wondering if other items are needed to use it.

Many thanks,