jet sizes

xt falcon

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i just put a new carb on and was wondering what jet sizes i could use, it is a 600 vac sec. what size do they come with? my 465 had #57 and my two barrel 350/500 has #79. where should i start?
I was about to ask the same question! I have a 650 mech. secondaries on mine front jets are 55's and seem about right the rears were 61's. When I opened the secondaries it Bogged down and cleared at about 5500rpm pulling well to 6000rpm. I bought a set of 51's with the intension of drilling them now it when the secondaries open it runs flat. With the 51's in the front and the 55's in the rear it ran well on the secondaries but un driveable on the secondaries. I am making a guess at 55's to 57's in the rear but would like to hear from someone who knows more about it.