Looking for Electric Fuel Pump?



I am looking in Summit's catalog for an Electric fuel pump and see one from Holley....

97pgh, 7psi.... does that sound about right for a holley 5600 carb and aussie head????

What is the flow for a 200???
Hi Jimbo65

Sounds like your into this project big time. Great fun. The fuel pump you are looking at is more than you need. Rule of thumb used in piston engine aviation circles is 1/2 pound of fuel per hour per HP. Stock 200 is 90HP x .5 = 45 lbs/hour / 6 = 7.5 gph. The Holley-Weber 5200 and Weber DG series carbs like 3 - 5 psi. So, if you use the Summit pump be sure to use a presure regulator and check to see if the pump is the automatic shut-off type (pressure shut-off to keep flow at correct level for the engine). Personally, I would stick with the stock pump.

I'm with Steve. Just run the stock pump and use a low pressure regulator. I found my Weber to like about 3psi.
any clue what pressure the 5200 would like, or am i just going to have to fiddle with it?
So even if I use the stock type pump I am still in need of a regulator for the Holley???

Why use the regulator at all???? Just curious....
Holley 5200 = Weber DGV

The stock pump will put out 5-7 psi and it will easily blow the needle off the seat in the 5200 carb.
John, if I am running the 2300 500 cfm carb..... same thing???
oh, i skimmed everything too quickly, wasn't paying attention, thanks for pointing that out, who knows where my mind is sometimes