I`m thinkin about gettin a mallory distoribitor what would be the bennifits of gettin one ? or the drabacks?? I`d realy like to know because I found a realy good deal on one thanks for the help :LOL:
8) the mallory is a good dist. well built and reliable. hopefully yours is a dual advance model, some are mech only. if it hasnt been already convert it to unilite ignition.
I saw a pic of it and it looks like it hasn`t been used I`m gona ask the guy if its points or electrick thanks 8)
Might want to check archives on Mallory Distributors. About a month ago a wrote a tirade complaining about Mallory quality and approach to these distributors-

My opinion- Mallory won't buy you anything a good rebuild on a stock distributor will give you, except for zoom factor. I use them because they're easier to adjust for my English race car that the Lucas 25D's distributors
I have a Mallory Unilite distributor with mechanical advance only, I was worried that teh tri carb setup would not provide enough vacuum. Whiel I have only driven the car for about a month after finishing all the engine and tranny work, I have been real happy with it.

PLus I hate points. I had the pertronix in my other distributor and it worked well also. Anyone need it?

8) mallory's come with single point, dual point and unilite setups. all are good the unilite being the best. as for problems with mallory dist's, we only had problems with the mini-mag mallorys, never the unilite ones on the race car.
Respectfully disagree on the points deal. Mallory points seem to be falling in quality the last couple years. I run a pertronix in a Mallory housing because I got tired of points failures