ME HEAD ANYONE?????????????????



Getting my ME Head from martin in argentina soon any one else got one what are your dislikes and likes let me know
Just don't overcam it.

Inliner tried that and his results were not so good. His 280 cam ran no better than with a much smaller cam. The intake ports are designed for high velocity and swirl, not great volume, so a giant cam is ineffective.
My thinking is that his cam timing was way off too. I keep hearing from several sources, that, in stock form, the ME outperforms the SP, wich is the argentine cousin of the 2V.
Anyways, the ME provided the Argentine Falcon with a 20% increase in power, while reducing fuel compsumption on a similar percentage, even considering the ME engine came with a 2bbl carb vs. the log head 1 bbl.
That's true. I think his cam was way off for some reason, but as I recall, he was only able to turn 4800 or so. And the power output and efficiency were not what he expected.
Whether or not the cam was dialled in, doesn't this suggest a different, "spikier" cam profile is the way to go here? Hmm... Don't TC Falcons have roller lifters for a good reason?

This is why looking at cams in terms of duration is something of a red herring. The cam is (ideally) ground to optimise the flow of the actual head, under intended usage conditions.

:roll: Or, to look at it another way, why rod ratio can affect these things...

John's cam was installed when 9-keyway timing sets and dialling a six were the domain of a select few. ;) How fast things move sometimes!

Congrats on the ME 83Fairmont.

Keep us posted on how things progress.

so no big problems with one besides going to over board on a cam then huh? what adaptor will i need so i can bolt a holley 2300 2bbl in it i cant find one anywere anyone know where i can find one at?


La pregunta es... Que tipo de levas utilizan los Falcon de Argentina? En los files de audio de se escuchan unos autos con levas "cruzadas".....asi es como les dicen, verdad? ;)

Everyone else

The question is....What type of cam do Argentine Falcons use? In the website there are some cars that sound that might have "lumpy" cams.....that's how you call them, right??? ;)


Yes, you're right. Guys here just love to use those "lumpy" cams. All of the performance cams are solid grinds (like in the original SP engine). And they usually have lots of overlap, therefore the wild idle.
In fact, if you take a look at the lobes, you'll notice that, unlike the rounded shape that US cams have, there is an almost flat surface on top. The Sp engine uses "mushroom" type lifters.
I recall that I took my Comp Cams 310M cam to the machine shop to make a copy just in case, and the machinist "read" the cam and said "It's not that wild". WTF?. Here is a link to a cam manufacturer's page:
Go to "seleccione su marca". Choose "Ford" (duh!), and take a look at the "Falcon" grinds. Enjoy. Martín.
Martín, could you translate that top row? I don't know cam'ize well enough to read the specks and understand with out some review. I have a contact that owns and builds Nitro Fuel blocks (Nanook) that may help me with my first rebuild. I would like to run these specs by Gene to see what he thinks.

Thanks in advance, Ric.

Let's see:

Cruce: don't know for sure. Maybe overlap.
Perfil: Profile (looks like a manufacturer's code).
Regimen: RPM range
ADM: Intake
ESC: Exhaust
E.C: Lobe centers?
Alz.: Lift (in mm) divide by 25,4 and multiply by the rocker ratio (sually 1.5) to obtain lift at the valve.
Luz Valv.: Valve lash (remember, those are solid grinds)
Dur.: Duration

The last of the Falcon grinds, it is marked "a rodillo". That's a roller cam. Take a look at the duration, lift and RPM range.
If you need more info, let me know. Martín.
Yes, they make shaft mounted roller rockers. A manufacturer also makes steel pedestals to support the rocker arm in ultra high rpm application (aluminum stockers are prone to fatigue failure).
I'll see what I can find about those. Martín.
were would you find one would i have to have you get a roller rocker arm and stuff over their and just have you ship it with my head and stuff? let me know if so ill get one of them to if not to much at the moment