Megasquirt Fairmont Concept...up for ideas!


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The '80 Fairmont wagon I'm driving daily is being sold to a friend in a few months (once the turbo engine is in my '79 Zephyr, and running...).
He's interested in an EFI setup for the 200, so we're playing with some odds and ends, and we're going to tune it while I still own it, since I know the car better and all (easier to compare driving differences and so on).
We found a 2-bbl adapter in the junkyard a few weeks ago, and the price was right ("What would I want that thing for? Get it out of here!"...I love being friends with a junkyard owner!).
Here's the plan (on paper, anyway):
1. Pull fuel pump/tank, lines and throttle body from a 1983-86 'baby' LTD wagon with 3.8 2-bbl CFI. Also, all the sensors.
2. Build a megasquirt box. Use Duraspark for ignition duties (it's already there).
3. Bolt 2-bbl CFI and adapter to 200 log.
4. Make sensors fit. Buy new if we have to.
5. Install fuel tank, pump, lines, & etc.
6. Fabricate airbox, possibly using lo-pro airbox and filter from Chrysler K-car.
7. Fire it up and see how it works.
Estimated cost (thanks Gordon, good friend and junkyard owner!): $350 (including $150 for Megasquirt and $75 for new sensors such as a heated o2 sensor, plus some of that 'tank sealant' epoxy for the fuel tank, new fuel filter, and so on).
The timeline is in the next 3 months or so, but the big delay will be getting the gumption to build the Megasquirt.
Feel free to add input...we're still in the brainstorming phase...especially since Chris is in the "I'm getting a free EFI kit" stage.
We're probably gonna end up doing headers and a cam once the EFI is working, but I'm gonna wait, he can do those on HIS dime. :/

If you need either the 2bbl CFI unit or the Megasquirt let me know. I'll make you a deal ;)