monkey pipes



I just finished my new exhaust on my 65 Ranchero- I had a wierd idea that I had a feeling would be cool so I went for it. After my 6-2 header I ran 1-3/4" pipe to each side just behind the front wheel wells where I mounted mini chrome glasspacks (made for motorcycles)sticking straight out about an inch beyond the rocker trim. It wouldn't work on a bigger displacement v-8 due to the size of the glasspacks so it is really only an option for dual exhaust sixes. It sounds great- no, not like a V-8- like a wailing v-6, and looks bad ass and utilitarian. Just enough backpressure to keep it torquey- quiet enough to hear the radio- and who needs all that pipe running to the back anyway? I'm all proud of my design but I want credit- there are bellflower pipes, lakes pipes, how about monkey pipes! Is this a new idea or is this some forgotten trick of the 70's that I missed?
You mean the fartpacks actually poke out sideways, or just the tips? Are these like side pipes turned 90°?
Pictures? Sound bites?

Speaking of which, I remember someone on here a while back who did sidepipes on his 200 and posted up pics. Who was that? Anyone have those pics saved?
TN, that was "luckyou03",or something like that. AKA "Viper21st".

CoupeBoy seems to be the picture librarian. ;) I'd start there.

12" long motorcyle glasspacks pointing straight out - just barely beond the rocker trim. Sidepipes run down the side of the car. This is perpendicular so you just see thew end. If I rev it at a stop sign i can blow the leaves out of the gutter. . . .
le monke":gbfcqbrt said:
If I rev it at a stop sign i can blow the leaves out of the gutter. . . .
A sleeper sweeper?

Cool idea.
How much were the mc mufflers? Do you get any fumes with the windows open?
No fumes at all since it blows out- same spot a lot of sleds put a cutout. The glass packs were only $20 each, they are universal fit 1-3/4" available all over the place.

Did someone get some pictures of the exhaust setup as le monke described? I'm installing dual exhaust on my 200 and thought about running it thru the GT valance BUT now......... :eek:
photos soon- I just took it all apart to get the header coated and paint the pipes (since they are so short) with bake on Eastwood paint. That link (I think from Mr. Hellcat to the HAMB forum was interesting. You see while some of us are all worried about making our cars sound like V-8's the rat rod guys are trying make sixes sound like sixes - all screamin and high revving.