Need a Torque Convertor!!!!!!!



I have a 78 200 Straight six and I'm in desperate need of a convertor. Mine has a broken tooth and I can't get the truck back together untill I get a convertor. Someone out there must have one, anyone?
If you can't find one (they're kinda pricey) and the ring gear is spot welded on. You can carefully grind the welds away enough to knock it off and order a new ring gear. Obsolete Ford Auto Parts have them for under $30. Mine turned out fine. Phone number for them is 1-800-654-3247.

I got mine from Dacco Phone 931-528-7581. $177.00 for a 2500 stall with the ring gear on it for a c 4 inline 6 200. :LOL:
Thanks for the info guys. The $30.00 sounds nice for the ring but I'm wondering how much a place would charge to remove the old ring and weld the new one on? I know how to weld but sounds like a bit more than my skills can handle.

Well $177.00 probably isn't too bad of a price for the convertor but it's more than I have. Being poor sucks :roll: !!!!!
Just wondering what the shipping would be to area code 43802 in Ohio? By the way would you take $40.00 and shipping? I'm a little short on cash right now.
Yes I could sell it for $40.00 plus shipping. I dont know what the shipping would be off hand but i will call and see soon.
Did you find out the cost to ship that torque convertor yet? Wana get my truck going.......
The shipping on that is about $30.00 . Our Stock converters are onliy about 1500 stall. ;)