Need Stovebolt adaptor info.



Has anyone had problems with the top opening interfering with the throttle plates, as suggested on this page: Conversion02.html?

Does it have the 1.75" hole at the bottom?

And lastly, would the carb. interfere with the valve cover when mounted in this position:
I don't know if anyone else has had a problem as I indicated on the referenced page. I happened to have that adapter on my computer desk so I measured the opening with a steel metric ruler. Here are the dimensions - 35.5mm wide x 76.5mm long and the carb opening is 1 9/16". The Clifford adapter measures a generous 44mm wide x 92mm long, but with a puny 1.3" carb opening.

As you can see, the Clifford adapter would allow you to use the Weber 38/38 with no problem. I have often wondered if Tom may have sent me adapters for the smaller family of progressive carbs. :|

I can check later today and let you know about potential interference. I don't think there would be, but haven't checked. I believe there are a couple guys on the forum running this setup.
I have a carb. spacer from an '80 Fairmont. It has the PCV hookup integrated into it, so that wouldn't be a problem. It's only 1/2" thick, so it shouldn't raise the carb. high enough to be a problem (hopefully).

Opening it up for the 1.75" intake won't be a problem, either.

Since you have a spare one laying around, can you take some measurements for me? :) Will the mounting slots in the Stovebolt allow for a bolt spacing of 3" (measured from the center of each bolt) in order to mount the carb in the position shown below: (The slots I'm talking about are the ones where you have the carb. studs from the original spacer sticking through.)

And there's no valve cover clearance issues w/mounting it this way?

Is one carb. preferred over the other (5200 vs. DGEV)? Do you just bolt the carb. on and adjust? Or do you have to change jets and all?

Is manual choke available in any of these carbs?
as far a throttle plate issues don't worry. once you install the .25" or so gasket under the carb then there will be room since only the edge of the plate will protrud down into the adaptor. I am still not sold on valve cover clearance. I was working on a shorty adaptor (only a 1" tall) and had bigtime issues. without the choke housing on it would hit but my setup was alot shorter. maybe the VC will have to be notched a little or something like that.

Here's the real skinny - there is no interference with the VC using the Stovebolt adapter direct to the manifold and the carb positioned as in the first photo. If you use the OEM and Stovebolt's, you definitely won't have any VC to carb interference.

You should have no problem with a 3" center to center bolt spacing, the max range on the slots is 3 7/16".

BTW, Nick is right about not having any throttle plate interference with a 1/4" gasket. That raises the carb enough for the plates to clear. I got interference when using a thin gasket.