Nissan 280ZX motor into a 68 Mustang?


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I started a long post about why I'd like to do this, but ended up deleting it all. Instead, I'll cut to the chase... would a L28 family Nissan (Datsun) motor and transmission be a straight forward install into a '68 mustang? The Mustang originally carried a 200 with C4 auto. Please, any advice from experience is very appreciated, especially regarding engin/trans mounts and hood clearance. I just love the idea of making a bit of a street machine while still retaining the I6 soul, yet I'd love to keep the option of returning to stock without too much fuss. Thanks in advance!


If its diesel LD28 brother goes in a paddle boat


then the little gas L28 will fit fine in a 68 Stang.

My old 1978 Falcon had an LD28 in it.




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Perfect, thank you for your response! What did you think of driving it... the falcon that is, haha. How did the mounts match up? Did you have to move them or adapt them somehow?