I was thinking ove adding NOS to my 200 I6 and i want to know if it would hurt my moter every thing is all most stock but the cam a carb an the head has ben shaved to bring up my comprestion if i could do it what all would i need i see that ricekiller did it if any knows his set up could thay post it plz thanx
My understanding is as long as you don't go too big you should be ok. I think around 100 is the max you would want to go. Also you might look at upgrading your fuel system with a different fuel pump/carb.
What carb should i use i got a holley cant tell what model it is but its off a 1969 250 I6 an wht pump you think would be the best an what car a motor does it come off ove an i need some one to give me a list ove nos parts I will need thanx
I am upgrading to an electric Holley blue fuel pump. This way I can regulate to 7psi. I am in the midst of changing over to 5200 2bbl carb.