not completly A 6cyl question.




I would like to know what it would take to adapt A 200 inline 6cyl. to A v* car. in other words I would be taking A mustang with A 289 in it. and then take the engine out and put A 200 inline in.

this is not going to be permanent. see I have A 289 mustang witch the engine is shot. and I have A none registerd 6cyl stang. and would like to put the 6cyl in the V8 stang. untill I get the 289 rebuilt and theb body straight on the 6cyl car.( sorry if this isn't making any sence)

ok here is what I think I have to do but am not sure.

I think I need to put A 250 bell housing on my 200 and then it would fit upto the 289 trans. but what involved in putting A 250 bell housing onn A 200. and then what about the motor mounts.

8) you cant swap the 289 bell on the 200 unless you have a big bell 200. you need an adaptor for a manual trans or the correct bell for an auto. you need to swap the the mounts from the six car to the V8 car. the same problems exist when swapping engines from one car to another, when swapping between engine classes.
If it's a factory eight, your best tack is to get a running bent motor with a few months warranty, from a wrecker.
you`ll need a 200 bell housing not 250 and go to napa get the motor mounts your car will sit cinda hy in the front if you can`t live with it then you`ll need the springs off your other stang
ok thanks. I am preayt sure on what I need to do.

well it wont sit to high becouse the springs are allready so when I put the 289 back in I will be adding new springs.

thanks guys.