??? Oil and trans dipstick length ???



Can someone tell me the exact lengths?

I don't think mine are the proper lenth, maybe I can bend them or at least be sure that they are the right length. At the very least I'm very unsure about the transmission one, it has those stupid bends and if they get stretched or compressed it'll give a bad reading, and it did get screwed up, now I don't know how much fluid I have in there.

Or are the measurements in the Manual? I couldn't find them anywhere.

Or is there somewhere where I could buy one for cheap? I don't think junkyard is an option, I've been to a few and can't find any of these types of cars, they musta all been crushed long ago.
Don't know myself. But my Aussie 250 got a re-bent dipstick to clear the 2-bbl Holley conversion I made with a half inch spacer plate. This pushed the separate alloy intake manifold (which is on the other side to your US 144-250's) right out over the dipstick postion. :( The thing hits the crank if its not placed correctly. The key dimensions are

A) the chord distance from the top of the tube to the hole in the block, and
B) the min reading in relation to the top of the tube.

C) and max reading in relation to the top of the tube.

It's a little too dark outside, and the possums my scare the crap out of me if I go and check my car now. I'll tell you tomorrow!!!
My Aussie dipstick tube is 8.125 inches from the block hole to the top where the dipstick hole.

The dip stick is 17 inches from the point at the top of the hole when seated to the tip of the maximum reading. The minimum reading is down another 0.69 inches down, for a total of 17.69 inches. The dipsticks total length is longer than this.

The distance from the machined sump gasket face to the cast in outlet hole that the dipstick tube fits into is 3.5 inches.

This is all for the Aussie 250, though.

Hope this helps some.
I'm not sure the crossflow has the same length as mine. But thanks anyway. :)
Engine is easy,
Next oil/ filter change, hold one quart back; start, idle, let filter fill, pressurize system. Shut motor off, wait for oil drain down. Measure oil level, that will be the "1 quart low" point , remark if needed. Add last quart repeat above process, that measurement is full level mark. Dip stick does not need to be more than 1.25 - 1.75" longer than "1 quart low" mark, shorten as needed.

Auto trans are a pita to do as above, so lets use logic instead. Tube lengths vary according to vehicle usage, BUT the distance from the end of the tube to the correct level of fluid is the same. Find a trans same as yours, a friend's, at the J'yard, where ever. Measure the tube, then measure the dipstick top to fluid level nmark. Subtract tube length from dip stick length to fluid level marks. Record. Measure your tube add the difference from previous, that sum will be the correct length from top to fluid level mark for your dip stick. Remark if needed.

The above assumes that the d sticks are the right length or longer, BUt will also tell you if too short.