Original Ford Timing Set Wear


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Just a brief "Heads Up". Pulling down an engine with good compression and low miles, never been apart. The timing set had over 5/8" of slop in the chain!

Good reason to go with a new timing set like Mike's offering (or JP/Rollmaster if you're in Australia). Nothing else you do to the motor will be 100% until you get this sorted.

Been there, done that. I have pictures of the chain slop in my 66' before removing. I had at least 5/8", and that was only on the one side.

I would like to know how quickly these chains loose their shape.

sure would be nice if we could get a adjustable belt setup.

on a 2.3L forum I read about how the stock rubber timing belts would reach 90% of their stretch in the first 24 hours even if the engine was never ran. after that you snug it up and never have to worry about it. I bet the chains are the same way in that after X run time it hits x amount of stretch right away and then as it wears it gets the rest.

a while back we swapped a DII onto my buddy's '66 mustang and then the next day we changed out the timing chain. The car wouldnt even start until I reset the timing.. We didnt measure the slop, but there sure was a lot in the old vs the new. The car does run much better now though.