Pacemaker VS Clifford headers


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Well I hated to pull apart a perfectly good running motor just ot test fit these new headers, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Here's the results.

The Pacemaker header has much nicer welds and the fit is superior over the Clifford header in my opinion. There are absolutely no concerns as to clearance around the starter or stud. The pipes extend all the way down to the lower frame rails and line up perfectly for the new pipes.

An overall shot of the Clifford header

An overall shot of the Pacemaker header

A shot of the flange weld (spot welds) on the Clifford header

A shot of the flange weld on the Pacemaker header

Starter clearance with the Clifford header - pipes are within a half an inch from the starter stud.

Starter clearance with the pacemaker header - no problem.


Clearance on the Pacemaker header

How the pipes exit

Under side of pipe location

Shot of the Pacemaker flange - head side

Now for the bad news - the Pacemaker headers will need to be slightly modified to fit. I don't know if this is true on all US blocks, but there is a pad of some sort on mine (maybe for the stock A/C bracket) and a portion of the header flange needs to be cut away with a grinder in order for the header to drop down and bolt up. I will see if this is something the manufacture can change on the sets we order to ship to the US.

Does anybody elses block have this pad or is it fairly unique to mine?

PS: I have a set of Clifford hearers for sale - single out with the JET HOT coating. ;) Seriously, if anyone is interested in these, send me a PM with an offer. They are almost brand new and cost me $424.00 with the JET HOT.

I will now start taking orders for the Pacemaker Headers - send request and money via Paypal to or via money order to Michael Winterboer, 603 West Pecos Ave, Mesa, Az 85210. If sending money via US mail, please e-mail me so I can get an idea of how many I need to order. I should also mention that I have a Verified Premier Account with Paypal so credit cards can be used for payments through Paypal. Thanks

What is the difference between the early and late style headers you have listed? Currently I have a stock 65 200. But I am building a late mod. low mount starter I would like to run the header on the stock motor until the new one is ready to drop in.


I have no idea, I figured most guys will want the early style so that is the one I imported. Guess I need to get a set of the late model too and see what the differences are.
Gaz, if you're referring to the "early" and "late" Pacies, look at it this way:

The early one is designed to fit Oz engines up to 1970. That's the 144-170-188-200-221.

The later model is for when the 250 was introduced. Both this engine, and the SECOND GENERATION 200 that accompanied it, had taller blocks. In a nutshell, the bends under the toe board are in a different place.

Hope this helps.

Mike, glad you like what people do down here. :D
The Aussies are a smart bunch. After 1971, all smaller cube sixes and eights shared the larger options block. Our 351 Clevelands had a 302 Cleveland brother that had the same pistons, but longer rods, and a shorter stroke. It wasn't a Windsor or Boss like in your Mustangs. The same thing happend with the six. Your US 250 was largely copied as the Oz 250, but the smaller 200 was just a 250 with the same pistons, longer rods,and short stroke, US 200 crank. This had every thing to do with production expediency, so Ford could CRANK out strawberry or blue berry flavours with no engine room changes.

Az, your GT200 is a weapon. Glad you know about the tall deck 9.48" 200/250 Oz blocks from addo; and the earlier US/Aus 200's which were more like 7.9 inches tall from crank centre line to head deack. Don't want to do DRAG racing with new Pacemarkers do ya!
Are you planning on inporting the "late" model (250) version? Any idea what it would cost? I'm very interested in a set of these headers.



Thanks for the info on the differences, that helps.


The cost is the same for either one, early or late styles.
Ok, they fit in a 67 with good clearance on the motor side, but what about the shock tower side on a skinny stang? 67s are wider but does it matter?
Should fit just fine, there was quite a bit of room between the header tubes and the shock tower. Remember, the Aussie's have the steering box on that side as well. Look at the 8th pic down from the top.
I have a question like gtm. In my car right now, there is a 78 200. The motor im goting to build is a 66 200 block with the 78 head. If I wanted the header to put in my car on the 78 200, would i be able to use it later on the 66 200?

What about clearance issues with the A/C compressor bracket for your Sanden Compressor? I read about how you welded the extension onto the bracket to add length for the Cliffy headers to clear?

Would that still be an issue with these headers?

I have the same 2v with classic auto air AC you have?
FYI......... my 1978 200 engine from a fairmont has the pad on the side of the block. Between #1 & 2 exhaust ports, closer to #2.

My pad appears narrower than your picture. Not by much though.
Tony, thanks for the info.

Jim, the A/C still cleared by roughly the same amount (maybe a tiny bit less). So with either header, you will need to do the modification to the bracket like I did. If you look in the pics (overall views) you can see the clearances.

Rangoon, I don't see where that would make any difference, they should fit either block just fine.

Sorry alittle slow this morning :oops: but how much did you say the Pacemaker headers will run? And can you ship them to St. Louis, MO?

I NEED an exhaust system installed!!!!!! The neighbors are getting restless.

Az: On my 65 block I do not have a rectangular pad. But, I do have a circular pad :) So I guess for whatever reason Ford used some sort of pad on all the blocks near the exhaust.
It would have either been a riser for casting, or a pad for clamping when machining. There's similar bits all over the heads. Look at where the valve cover's notched out, or below the spark plugs, next to the head face.

Yet another reason I love my die grinder. :eek:
Have to throw my two cents in here. The Clifford Headers may look to be only tack welded if you look only at the outside. They are infact welded on the inside. Always have been regardless of what vehicle. The only headers I belive they ever weldeld on the outside were the Hudson Headers and maybe some Nap-Z headers.
:D pacemaker headers are fairly common at oz swapmeets and usally go for anything from $40-$100(oz)shipping to the us would be about the same.converting from us to oz $ would see the headers(used or as we like to say "road tested")landed in the us for about $ time i pick up a set i'll post a note.