Part Identification ??



Could someone please tell me what this part is? When I turn my headlights on they start flashing slowly ...I followed the wires back and this seems to be a common point. If it is broken I would like to know what to ask for at the parts store.

1967 Mustang
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Few years ago I had the same problem with my '62 Ford pickup, headlights would flash on and off (after they had been on a little while), it turned out to be the switch.

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Many Fords have a cercutbraker in the light switch. Some times when they get old they fail. i would change the switch and inspect the wiring for broken insulation or other shorts.
I am just getting started with cars so I am a bit thick on these things. What switch are you talking about and where is it located? Do you mean the light switch inside the car that turns the lights on??

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Do you mean the light switch inside the car that turns the lights on?? Thanks
Yes! If you don't have one get a shop manual for your year and model. It will have the wiring diagrams and step by step to trouble shoot this problem. Basically, you need to trace from the switch under the dash to the lights. Doesn't sound like a voltage regulator problem. If it's not in the wires, it's in the switch.
Had this same problem with my 65 Mustang, it was the Switch, almost always is, if the voltage regulator was causing you problems it would most likely affect the engine running as well....

My headlight switch went out two days after I bought it, and I have replaced it once more since then, these things can go out fairly easily.... It is a cheap part and can be found at NAPA.