Performance? fuel pumps

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Have any of you ever found a "performance" FUEL pump for the 144 to 250?

I'm using whatever NAPA gave me over the counter. It works great for my Autolite 2100 two barrel.

Enthusiasts ask me what is a good "performance" pump, and I always tell them there isn't one.

I Thought I'd better ask if there's something out there I don't know about.


PS My wife told me I'm a "PERFORMANCE" fool. But that's not what i wanted to know.
I guess for performance you can block off the mechanicle pump and use a electric of your choice in the 5 psi range. Less moving parts up front means more hp.
What about the 351 V8 pump with a 6 cylinder arm? This was done here. We also have the "Goss" pump, but I don't know if it flows any more.

Regards, Adam.