Pictures of Carter RBS 1V install



Mustang Geezer had mentioned that he didn't have pictures of a carter RBS install on his website, so I figured I'd post pictures for him as well as share.

This was a SUPER easy install, and the total cost was $40 for the carb and adapter, and $30 for the carb rebuild kit.

Couple things to point out.

- The carb itself is and RBS from a '73 mustang
- The adapter plate is from a '68 mustang, which had the larger head bore, but *did not* have all the EGR crap. Trying to adapt the '73 plate would have been a nightmare.
- Adapting for the throttle I thought would be difficult, but my mechanic came up with the easiest solution. The '73 cars had wire linkage with the throttle pulling via cable from the drivers side. On the passengers side was an idle stop solenoid mounted on the carb. The solution was elegantly simple - since we didn't need the soleniod, we simply bent the tab that the soleniod contacted FOREWARD, and mounted a new stud for the throttle rod to attach to. This put the mounting in the exact same position as my original A1100.

If you look on the 3rd picture, you can see the throttle rod coming up and mounting on a bent tab. Just above that, you'll see the stud for the original throttle cable. Super simple 5 min. fix.

The tougest part was making all this work with headers, and we needed to bend the accelerator rod to work around the headers, then bend the accelerator inside the car to give back some of the movement. That was actually more difficult than the carb install.

Anyway -- there you go. For those that are interested this is a really easy swap.

Thank's for putting up the pics...I'll snag one for my website ;)

Did you have any problems actually finding that carb?? Around here they are impossible to find...I've never even seen one in person. And do you like the performance better than your "stock" carb??


It wasn't hard to find one at all. I walked 10 feet out into the mustang bone yard, opened the hood of of a '73 'Stang I6, and took it off. Then I went about 20 feet over, opened the hood of a '68 stang, and pulled off the carb base adapter. Total cost - $40.

It's hard to guage the performance increase since everything happened at once. I can say that it was a painless install, the rebuild went smooth, and tuning seemed to be easy. I still have a slight off-idle stumble I can't work out, but it's really not that bad.