taking the information from everyone that I have come into contact with that has the nice concern about my car I have determined that I need to have it rebuild but not in the most expensive way I hope and only as fas as I can tell it will be a top end rebuild, but I dont have the money to cover the expenses. Mainly, my cylinder head needs to be redone, because I have never trusted it and it has never given me the results that I would have liked but the bottom end is going to stay because it has been so good to me and nothing wrong has happened to it.

But, I do not know how to reuild a cylinder head and I dont have the correct tools to do this with. I am thinking: new valves, guides, stems, not sure it rockers but maybe rollers would be a reliable thing to switch to. Maybe a new camshaft, but I dont know how to check for these things and where to go or should I just to go some place such as mustang ranch and ask them for a new head?? How much will this cost? Has anyone done this lately and can I have some quotes, prices, hints, help, suggestions. I have had my car for 2.5 years and I would like to keep it.