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Hey guys, I got my hands on a 78 f100 that has power nothing. No A/C, or anything like that. It has a 300 inline six, bone stock as far I know, and I am wondering what the possibilities are to turn this truck into a drag truck when I am done driving it on the road. I want to keep the 300 inline six because isn't an engine you see a lot of at the strip. Could I make it competitive? Assume I have a limitless budget, and whatever else I might need to get the job done. Thanks.
hubba hubba,

dropped tubular track arms, higher rate springs, tremec 3500, Turbo (or TT), NOS incase things dont break fast enough for ya, backhalved or 4 link 9" out back with tubs and some hefty meats. Fiberglass fenders/hood/bumpers/doors and box, 1 seat 5pt harness a little thing I like to call a roll bar. Plexi (Lexan?) windows, heater delete. You might also want to lower the engine and move it back a bit (not too much weight out back

and a little bobbling dog (just for fun)
its very possible, make sure you lose some weight first (and not just the driver the truck too, lol) when you race, get rid of that gate, tear off some interior metal, get some seats out, anything that doesnt need to be on there. on the motor, start with either a clifford or offy intake with a good 400cfm abouts carb. get a 240 head, port and polished, with 1.94/1.60 valves, some higher comp pistons, headers, if you want a turbo or two, and there is that back-up of nitrous as long as you dont use it on much more than an occasional blast.

with all that, it should compete with all the modded 302's, and probably most 351w's and 350's.
To make a truck run fast with a 6 cylinder you have to make it 60 foot good. The areodynamics kill you on the big end. Get the weight down to 2600-2700 lb ready to race. A loose convertor with stall around 5000 rpm. A drag only motor or a very stout turbo motor will put you in the low to mid 11 second range depending on the rest of the truck.


Don't forget to rip out that twin I-beam suspension and put in something lighter like struts. Heck, just ditch the whole frame and shove a Morrison or Alston frame under it.

Hey, how many parts can you replace before it's not the original truck anymore?
ive seen some very fast 1/4mile trucks, the fact that they were purpose built is besides the point, as long as you have the raw power, you can make anything push through air.